Thursday, October 19, 2006

Kevins Staircasing

I'd like to take this time and call out a Naples Company called "Kevins Staircasing". They owe us $11,000 and also owe another company we are affiliated with $30,000.

This company does HORRID woodworking and steals from everyone they can. If you have ever been screwed by this company, please post your story. I know of 7 people total that have been on the bad end of a deal with this company.

Just remember, if you ever come across this guy, stay far away and lock up your belongings, he is no better than the common thief.

The Dunes Job / Cherry Panels

Well, the job is finally done. I have posted pictures here:

The job was split between our company and another company. The other company totally RUINED their half of the job. The finish work they did feels like sandpaper. Oh well.